MoYou London stamping plates review 

Hey all!

Above you will see today I am reviewing three Moyou London Plates. I have above; gothic plate 12, sci-fi plate 06 and Alice plate 12.

Below you can see the stock photos of the designs (the plates are hard to show due to reflections), and they are very very accurate to the stock photos.

I’ve had these plates for around 2 months now so I have thoroughly used them and tried them out before giving this review.


Each plate comes in at £4.99 each, depending on the plate that includes around 10 to 18 designs. Each of my plates above are regular plates and not XL and therefore hold 18 images per plate. These plates do come in at a higher price however they do provide more design options. Therefore the cost is justifiable.


Stamp quality:

Each plate stamps superbly however I do find that images with a lot of large spaces are more tricky to pick up if you are a first time stamper however as you improve this will become easier. Designs transfer well and clearly with very few missing parts to the image. Overall I’d say:


General thoughts:

The packaging is pretty, the plates are good and if any problems are experienced they are more than happy as a company to help you out in as many ways as they can. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them however I do find that the price does mean I find myself turning to the cheaper sellers for my stamping plates.

If the price doesn’t bother you then Moyou offer a very large range of stamping plates categorised into themes/collections for easy searching and purchase.


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