Moyou Non-Sticky Marshmallow Stamper Review 

 Hey all!

Bringing another  Moyou London review here to go with my last one, here we have a review of the Moyou London Non-Sticky Marshmallow stamper.

As seen above the stamper came to me in a rather cute box which houses the stamper and the scraper to keep them clean and safe as a set. As you can see my scraper is stained, this is because it has been used a lot and I will discuss this further down.


The non-sticky stamper is slightly sticky and very squishy to press down, the large head on the stamper is useful for picking up larger images and also dealing with the larger nails, for example thumbs or long nails. This is because the head allows for larger areas to be stamped at a time.

This stamper takes some use to get used to as unlike the sticky stamper, this is harder to pick up images with. In order to get this stamper to work you must use a firm rolling motion over the stamping plate, this can be hard to get the hang of.



The body of the stamper is made out of metal and therefore does not stain and is very sturdy to use. The head of the stamper as I have the translucent is translucent squishy silicone style material. This also does not stain however it is easy to take small chips out of the head with long or sharp nails or even on the body itself as it is metal.

The scraper on the other hand is made out of plastic, very much like a credit card. I’ve shown the Moyou London logo side rather than the girl as this is the least stained side. The other side of this scraper is white and I’ve found that these do stain considerably over time and use. This is irritating but bearable. You can repurchase a pack of these for decently cheap though.



This stamper and scraper set comes in at £6 , this isn’t too bad due to the guarantee of quality however I do find that my cheaper stampers from eBay work just as well if not better and they were purchased for £1 each with free shipping. The replacement scrapers however come in at £2.99 for a pack of 6, this may seem expensive to some however the scraper is my favourite of the three scrapers I own and is very effective.



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