Moyou London Stamping Polish Review and Swatches

Hey all!

Today I’m bringing the review of the Moyou Stamping polishes to complete the series of Moyou reviews I’ve thrown out in the last two days!

Today I have the Stamping Polishes in White Knight 15ml, Frosted Lips and Black Knight. See swatches below (please note White knight is swatched on blue as it wouldn’t show otherwise).

First of all we will discuss packaging:

Each of the bottles of polish comes in a card box with the colour name printed on the outside, I naturally throw these away. The bottles themselves are very sturdy glass which I have indeed dropped accidentally and they did not smash. The applicator and lid is also round, this is not the most ergonomic shape and certainly doesn’t aid application. However the new 15ml bottles have a removable round cap which leads to a more grippy standard bottle top.


Stamping quality:

As you saw in the above swatches all of the colours stamp incredibly well, the white swatch actually does not do the opacity of this polish any favours. On the nail, each of these polishes is 100% opaque and has amazing coverage even over black. Stamps come out very clear however my one gripe with these is that the black stamping polish dries very quickly and therefore is often difficult to grab the image from the plate. Therefore sometimes the black can be very challenging to use.



Black knight retails for £6.99, white knight 15ml is £9 and frosted lips was £4.99. For the 9ml standard volume the price isn’t too offensive however the 15ml bottles for £9 is unreasonable, I bought mine on promotion for £6.99. With 12-15ml being a standard polish volume I find the price very steep. The quality of the polish does slightly offset this but price is still higher end.


Overall these are good polishes which are very effective however I would be inclined to find cheaper versions and use those instead, Simply because of the cost. If these were cheaper I’d continue to purchase more colours. However I’ve been finding what I want at high quality from Born Pretty Store for cheaper prices.


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