Pastel Unicorn Nail Art

Hey all!

Today’s nail art is simple but beautiful! So for this nail art you will need:

  • A base coat
  • A baby pink polish (rimmel lose your lingerie)
  • A lavender polish (MUA Lavender)
  • Holo striping tape
  • Unicorn Vinyls
  • Your favorite top coat

Step one:

Apply one coat of base coat to all nails followed by two coats of lavender on the ring and middle nail and baby pink on all other nails. Allowing for drying time between coats. These coats must be 100% dry for the next step.

Step two:

Apply the Unicorn vinyl to the ring finger nail and press down the vinyl so that it is secure on the nail. Apply one thick coat of pink polish over the unicorn head, wait a couple seconds and then peel the vinyl off to leave the unicorn head.

Step three:

For all the other nails cut a strip of striping tape as long as your nail and place it down one side of the nail. Press down firmly and then apply one thick layer of top coat to all nails.



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