Black and Red Glitter Nail Art

Hey all!

Today’s post is the details for my latest mani which was inspired by the house targaryen colours from game of thrones. For this mani you will need:

  • A base coat
  • Black polish
  • red glitter polish
  • striping tape
  • masking tape
  • sponge
  • Your favorite top coat (maybelline gel effect)

Step one:

Apply one coat of base coat to all nails, followed by two coats of black polish. Allow both coats to dry 100% and then move onto step two.

Step two:

Apply two pieces of striping tape to form a V shape on both the middle and ring nail, Then cover the rest of the black space outside that section with masking tape.

Step three:

Paint on one thin layer using the brush of the red glitter polish, then using the sponge dab on the red glitter for a denser more opaque coverage. Immediately remove the masking tape and striping tape to leave the crisp lines of the red glitter section.

Step four:

Once the glitter is mostly dry apply a thick coat of your favorite top coat for shine and to lock in that glitter polish.



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