Miss Sporty Peel off base coat review 

Hey all!

Today’s review is of the Miss Sporty Peel off basecoat. Now I have to say I am not a fan at all.

I normally use the Rimmel Nail Nurse strengthening base coat which does a good job of providing a smooth base and protecting my nails.  However I don’t always like having to use nail polish remover and swatching  can take a long time.



The formula is quite runny and once applied it takes forever to dry. And by forever I mean one coat takes 7 minutes to fully dry…

Wear time:

After 2 days wear I had a few small chips to my nail polish at the ends but that was all. I decided to change my polish due to the chips and was quite looking forward to peeling off my polish.



This did not peel well at all… My polish came off in chunks and my nail underneath was sad and dry despite being oiled. This did more damage than good to my nails and didn’t even peel off with ease it more chipped off.



I wouldn’t purchase or use this product again… My nails were parched and tender and it did not do what it was meant to. It was not worth the effort or dry time at all.


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