La Femme Clear Polish Review

Today I’m reviewing this beauty.

La femme clear polish is not a top coat, it is just a clear polish. And this is the exact reason I bought it. I wanted something that was clear and I could use to protect my water decals from the shrinkage and pulling of my ordinary fast drying top coat.  This was my solution.

This product is absolutely brilliant, it only cost me £2 off eBay (same price on Amazon too) and it arrived within days of ordering.

The dry time is around the same time as any other polish and dries to a satin slightly shiny finish. I then add my top coat over the top and it’s absolutely amazing.

The bottle is 15ml which is more than plenty and this could act as a top coat on its own. It hardly even has a smell which is saying something compared to my Seche Vite and maybelline gel effect.

This is a must buy for nail art as it doesn’t smudge and it does exactly as I needed it too, for a low price. However due to the bottle being glass… This is something you don’t want to drop as I’m not confident that it wouldn’t smash. 


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