Mermaid Nail Art 

Hey all!

Today I’ve got the details for these glitzy mermaid nails, these are definitely more work than most of my nails but definitely worth it. For these you are going to need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat
  • Pale pink polish (Rimmel lose your lingerie)
  • Holo topcoat (Nails Inc Electric lane)
  • Rhinestones (ebay)
  • White stamping polish (born pretty store)
  • Stamper and scraper
  • Iridescent/chameleon polish (rimmel pearly queen or OPI Significant other colour)
  • Hehe 05 stamping plate
  • Your favorite top coat (seche vite)

Step one:

Apply one coat of OPI natural nail base coat to all nails, followed by two coat of pale pink polish. Allowing for drying time in between. Apply one coat of the chameleon/iridescent polish over the ring finger nail and allow to dry also.

Step two:

On all nails bar the ring nail add one coat of holo topcoat to add some extra sparkle to the nails.

Step three:

Using white stamping polish and the hehe05 plate pick up the mermaid scale pattern with your stamper and immediately press onto the nail. Using a cotton bud dipped in acetone remover or a cleanup brush, cleanup the excess stamp off of the skin around the nail. Add one coat of your favorite top coat over all nails.

Step four:

While the top coat is still wet add the rhinestones to the ring nail however you wish to finish.


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