Blue iridescent Art ~ Chanel Sunrise Trip

Hey all!

Today’s details are for this lovely simple nail art using Chanel Sunrise Trip. For this you will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat
  • Chanel Sunrise trip
  • iridescent foil or celophane
  • scissors
  • your favorite top coat

Step one:

Apply one coat of OPI natural nail base coat to all nails. Then apply one thick coat of Chanel sunrise trip. Allow this to dry 95% before moving onto the next step

Step two:

Using some scissors cut some even triangles out of the iridescent celophane, two for each hand, make sure the top is curved to fit the cuticle line of the polish. While the polish is still ever so slightly tacky place the triangle in place on the nail and use a cotton bud to press down on the celophane (NOT THE POLISH).

Step Three:

Apply either one thick coat or two coats of your favorite top coat and they are done!



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