Pink Reverse Stamped Nail Art

Hey all!

Today’s details are for these lovely pink nails. For this nail art look you will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat
  • A pink polish (OPI Pandamonium pink)
  • A Black stamping polish
  • BP-77 stamping plate
  • White polish (Born pretty store white stamping polish)
  • stamper and scraper
  • Your favorite top coat

Step one:

Apply one coat of OPI natural nail base coat on all nails, followed by three coats of the pink polish. Allow each coat to fully dry in between and allow all coats to fully dry before moving onto step two.

Step two:

Using the BP-77 plate and my black stamping polish I stamped the design I stamped two of these, one each on two clear stamper heads, I then left them to dry for a minute or two to one side. Once dry I filled in the sections I wanted with white polish and again left this to dry.

Step three:

Once the white polish is dry apply one coat of top coat to the stamped design on the stamper head, let this dry 90% of the way so that it is still slightly tacky. Then firmly roll the design onto the nail. Press down with your fingers to make sure it is secured.

Step Four:

Press down with the sharp edge of some tweezers to remove the excess or use a clean up brush and acetone remover. Once you are happy with the design add a layer of your favorite top coat to all nails, and you’re done.



I then pushed it down and used the sharp edge of my tweezers to remove the excess. And then a cleanup brush to stick the edges down. I then added a good layer of Seche Vite on top to seal it in.


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