How I Do My Swatch Sticks

Hey all!

Today I’m going to discuss how I make my nail polish swatch sticks. I bought mine in a pack of 50 from eBay and above I have the 26 (I think) polishes I own all swatched (other than top coats, base coats etc).

I personally prefer to paint the top of the sticks and not the under side as I find my polishes look slightly different once top coated and painting the underside doesn’t allow me to top coat the colours.

First I write out the label, I only do the brand/make and then the shade name (or number in the case of my born pretty stamping polishes) on a singular like from a pad of lined paper. I then attach this to the stick using celotape and wrap the excess neatly round the other side of the stick.

Then I paint however many coats I need of polish on and allow it to dry. Once dry I topcoat each and leave them over night to dry to ensure they don’t damage each other or stick when attached to the swatch stick wheel.


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