OPI Natural Nail Base Coat Review

Hey all!

Today’s review is for this little beauty right here! OPI’s natural nail base coat, this I bought from nailpolishdirect.co.uk for £4.95 (much lower than RRP)!


This base coat is pale pink in the bottle but clear on the nail, this is a very thin formula however this means that it doesn’t really add to the thickness of the nail. It does however want to pool if you get over zealous with it. I can see this bottle lasting me a VERY long time…

Dry time:

This dries incredibly fast on the nail and that’s great when you’re as impacient as me… Once the first hand is done the first fingers dry!



This product did protect me really well from staining and adds strength to plain nails too, two coats of this and my nails are strong and safe from snapping or tearing.


Overall I love this product, it applies well and it doesn’t stink. The dry time is incredible and I would even pay upwards of £12 for this if I had to in the future. I only paid £4.95 though 😉 shhh

If you want it you can go buy it here: https://www.nailpolishdirect.co.uk/nails-c92/treatments-c52/opi-nail-polish-natural-nail-base-coat-nt-t10-15ml-p4922

(I was not sponsored or provided this product for my review, I bought this with my own money) 


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