Baby Blue Emoji Nail Art ~ Nicole Diary Water Decal Review #1

Hey all!

Today’s a really exciting review for some water decals I received from Nicole Diary.

This is a shop located on Amazon by clicking Here! And also Ali Express by clicking Here!. This shop stocks everything nails related and also some beauty stuff too.

I received Five sets of decals but I used today these amazing Emoji ones!

These do come with instructions on the back if you need them but they are amazingly easy to use and super quick too.

Now what I love about these is that the white is indeed printed so you don’t have to apply these over a white polish for them to stand out! Here I put them over a baby blue polish and they looked amazing.

These decals weren’t too thick or too thin so I didn’t have a problem getting  them to lie flat or have a problem with tearing.

Once applied to the nail just dab off any excess water and apply some top coat and You’re good to go!

All of the decals they sell are simply beautiful and I couldn’t be more impressed.

If you want to purchase some yourself you can leave my Coupon Code Mi2016 in the note or coupon section of any order to receive a free gift with any order!

(Disclaimer: I was sent these however this is my honest opinion)


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