Red and Orange Geometric Nail Art ~ Nicole Diary Review #2 

Hey guys!

Well today  I’m bringing a second post about these Nicole diary water decals I was sent as today I’ve used the full nail water decals in number 17. So I can now give a full picture of their usage and quality!

So these decals came in a set of 10, ranging from the larger two for the thumbs down to the smaller ones for the little fingers. The decals themselves were quite long, I find this as a plus because this means that the decals will fit even super long nails. These decals are black and clear and therefore you see the colour underneath, which in this case was Rimmel London, central love heart.

I found that upon application these were super easy to apply on the nail and to clean up the excess decal from around the nail. However  the only issues I had were that the decals are quite thin and I accidentally pressed too hard with the brush and removed the black in some small areas. This in a way is a blessing though as the thinness contributed to the easy application.

These decals are of incredibly high quality and the range of them is lovely too. I couldn’t recommend these enough.

Nicole diary can be found Here! (Aliexpress) or Here!! (Amazon).

They stock all kinds of nail and beauty products for really low prices! And to top this all off I have a coupon code for you to put in the notes section of any order which is Mi2016 which gives you a free gift with your order! 


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