Opulent Essences Review and Swatches

Hey all!

Today’s review is for these nail polishes I was sent by Opulent Essences (A UK Based indie brand) to swatch, I wasn’t actually asked to review them so this is my own personal unbiased opinion!

Okay first up we have the shade Tundra, a beautiful green my blue sort of colour, the shimmer means it shifts in the light from more blue to more green

 My swatch involved one coat and the brush in the bottle is amazing, allowing for flawless application. This dries relatively quick which was amazing for polish that isn’t branded as being quick drying.

Next up is Uzrah, a topper which consists of iridescent circle glitters which are semi transparent. The photos do not do it justice at all. This is a true beauty.

This was one coat over my bare (yellowed) nails. This is one of my favourite polishes in my collection now and I don’t imagine the 5ml bottle will last long in my hands!! The base for this was a bit thicker but that was needed to keep the glitters down and it wasn’t unmanageable.

Okay so the next Beauty is Devils Gold, a chocolate brown with gold glitter and shimmer in it. I never thought I’d enjoy a colour like this but I really do love it.

The gold shimmer in this polish is insane and just proves itself to be a true gem when it comes to shimmery and glittery polishes. This required 2 coats but if you’re less careful it will take 3. This a thinner formula than the other two but it isn’t hard to handle at all.

The last polish I have to show off here is Starlight, a light purple glitter bomb. removal isn’t too painful either on this one considering the pure volume of glitter in this.

This required 3 coats but the formula was forgiving, allowing it to dry decently quick although the glitter does lengthen it a bit. This doesn’t require much topcoat to remove texture as it is so smooth to apply.

All of the polishes I received have impeccable formulas and are just simply stunning. I can’t express how beautiful these polishes are. If you want to purchase your own, go to:



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