Black and White Houndstooth Nail Art

Hey all!

Today’s details are for these super easy houndstooth nails. You will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat
  • A black polish (China Glaze liquid leather)
  • A white stamping polish (born pretty store white)
  • Houndstooth stamping image (BP-L013 stamping plate)
  • A stamper and scraper
  • Your favorite top coat

Step one:

First I apply one coat of OPI natural Nail base coat or your own personal favorite on all nails. Then apply two coats of black polish on each nail, allowing for drying time in between to prevent the polish going goopey.

Step Two:

Then use a white stamping polish and your image plate (BP-L013 stamping plate) to pick up and then to stamp the houndstooth pattern on the ring finger nail using a stamper, for me this was a jelly stamper to get the best placement and to make sure the pattern was at the angle I wanted.

Step three:

Using a cotton bud dipped in remover or a cleanup brush, clean up the excess stamp from the nail, then apply your favorite top coat, in this case I used seche vite to prevent smearing my stamping. Apply top coat to all other nails too and you’re done!



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