Lilac Glitter Gradient Nail Art ~ Opulent Essences

 Hey all! So this post is a back post for a look I did using Starlight from opulent essences! (An amazing uk indie brand). For this look you will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat 
  • A lavender polish (MUA lavender)
  • A lilac glitter polish (Opulent essences – starlight. Buy here )
  • A sponge
  • Scissors
  • Your favourite top coat (Sally Hansen insta dri) 

Step one:

 Apply one coat of base coat over all nails, followed by one coat of lavender polish on the ring nail and two coats of lavender on all other nails. Allow for drying time between coats to avoid a gloopy mess.

Step two:

 Once your base colour of lavender is fully dry, apply two coats of the lilac glitter polish to the ring nail. The polish I used was opaque in two coats. Leave this to dry and move on to step three.

Step three:

 Using your scissors cut off a small section of sponge, apply the glitter polish to the sponge and gently sponge the polish onto the tip of the other nails. Concentrating on the top for dense coverage and lessening the coverage upwards to create a fade or gradient.

Step four:

Once you are happy with the gradient apply one thick coat of your favourite top coat over all nails and you’re done! 


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