Tom and Jerry Nail Art 

 Again I’m here with a super easy mani I’ve done, this time based on the kids cartoon Tom and Jerry. I came across these water decals on aliexpress and I just couldn’t help myself! For this you will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat 
  • A shimmery or plain grey polish (Sinful colors Slay Grey)
  • Tom and Jerry water decals (aliexpress) 
  • Clear polish (la femme) 
  • A small bowl of water
  • Your favourite top coat 

Step one:

 Apply one coat of OPI natural nail base coat to all nails, followed by three coats of your grey polish. Allow for drying time in between and make sure that all nails are 100% dry before moving onto the next step

Step two:

 Cut out the water decals you want to use, in my case I cut out Tom and Jerrys heads and separated the Name Tom from his head. I also cut out Jerrys name. Lay each piece in order of application on your work surface.

 For me this was – Toms head, the word Tom, Jerrys head, the word Jerry. 

Step three:

 Place your first water decal in the small bowl of water and leave to soak for around 15 seconds, when ready take the decal out the bowl and side it off the backing paper. Apply the decal in the place you want it. Press down all the edges of the decal and smooth it out.

Step four:

 Remove any excess water using a cotton pad and apply one coat of clear polish to seal in the water decal. 

Step five:

Repeat steps three and four for each decal and once the clear coat is dry apply a layer of your favourite top coat over all nails! You’re done! 

Here’s a closeup:


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