My Neighbour Totoro Nail Art 

Hey all, well here is some not so simple nail art for you! This uses a lot of nail art techniques so for this you will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat
  • A baby blue polish (sinful colors Cinderella)
  • A green polish (sinful colors innocent)
  • A sponge
  • Hehe065 stamping plate
  • White stamping polish (bornpretty store) 
  • Black stamping polish (born pretty store) 
  • A small dotting tool
  • A stamper and scraper 
  • Liquid latex or cuticle barrier 
  • Tweezers
  • Your favourite top coat 

Step one: 

 Apply one coat of OPI natural nail base coat to all nails, followed by three coats of your blue polish. Allow for drying time between coats and allow all costs to dry fully before moving onto the next step. 

Step two:

Apply liquid latex or cuticle barrier around the nail, allow it to dry fully and then apply the blue and green polish to a sponge for the gradient, gently sponge on the gradient to the ring nail and once satisfied with the coverage remove the liquid latex or cuticle barrier using the tweezers.

Step three:

 While your gradient is drying use the black stamping polish and stamper and scraper to pick up the bottom totoro image, let this dry completely on the stamper head. 

Step four:

 Fill in the eyes and belly with white stamping polish and again leave it to dry. Once dry, apply a layer of clear polish or top coat to the stamp and leave it to dry most of the way, this creates a decal. Peel this off the stamper and place on the nail, gently press down and remove the excess decal.  Secure the decal using your top coat.

Step five:

 Using the single soot Sprite to the right hand side of the plate, repeatedly stamp this onto the middle finger nail to cover the entire nail. Cleanup any excess using a cotton bud dipped in acetone or a cleanup brush.

Step six:

 Using the dotting tool and the white stamping polish create little eyes on the soot sprites. Leave this to dry and then add Smaller black dots for the pupils. 

Step seven: 

  Top coat all nails with your favourite top coat and you’re done! 

Close up:


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