Opulent Essences Nail Oil Review 

 Hey all, well today I have a new review. This is for the opulent essences nail oil, this is formed as a relaxation blend of oils to nurish the nails and provide a relaxing effect to the user. 

The ingredients are: chamomile oil, geranium oil, patchouli oil, wheatgerm oil, manderine oil, jojoba oil, lavender oil, soya oil


 This nail oil comes in a 5ml polish bottle with a nice thin brush, this oil isn’t too thick or watery and applies brilliantly to the nail. The oil doesn’t really run and rubs in easily, refreshing and hydrating the cuticle.


 This nail oil is scented, this is because of the addition of the lavender oil. The scent is decently strong however isn’t offensive in any way. I did use this on my mums nails when doing her manicure and she wouldn’t stop sniffing them, the scent to her was even more appealing than it was to me. If you love lavender you will love this nail oil.


 This nail after application rubs and sinks in quite well, and I found visably hydrated the nail and cuticle area. So it definitely does its job! 


 This nail oil is priced at £3 for the 5ml bottle which I find is really good for the amount of oil you get and the fact that a little really does go a long way! 

You can get this oil Here!


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