Born Pretty Store Chameleon Polish Review 

Hey all,

 Today’s review is for this beautiful chameleon polish in shade 223 from the Born Pretty Store, this is Item no. #27745 and can be bought Here!

 This chameleon polish was sent to me by the born pretty store to review and to do nail art with! So I did! And here are my honest thoughts.

This polish comes in a 10ml bottle, with a rectangular cap, this is attached to the applicator brush, however it doesn’t effect the application too much (luckily)! The application of this is quite comfortable however you do have to apply this over a black base (it doesn’t work on its own) , and therefore can be a bit of a pain. However saying this, the finish is so beautiful, it’s a compromise I’m willing to take. 

 The photo above shows the nail art I did using this product, the photo does not do the true chameleon effect of this polish any justice. It is truly beautiful. I wore this look for three days because every time my nails hit the sun I couldn’t stop staring. 

 The application as previously mentioned was easy and cleanup was also a breeze due to the lack of opacity of the polish when it’s by itself. Therefore there was no real trouble cleaning the excess away. However this did require two coats, and took a while to dry. Therefore if you want to use vinyls or anything next you really do need to apply a quick dry topcoat between to prevent ruining the chameleon finish. 

Overall I love this polish and I truly don’t have anything else like it, I am super glad to have this in my collection and my only regret is that I haven’t got the others! 


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