Dark Eye Nail Art – Born Pretty Store 

Hey all! Today’s nail art is these dark glittery eye nails. To do these you will need:

  • Your favourite base coat or a peel off base coat
  • A glitter polish (Radioactive Unicorn – Poof! I’m gone) 
  • A sponge depending on opacity of polish. 
  • Born pretty Store water decals A557 (Item No. #26378 or purchase Here!
  • A clear stamper head
  • Small bowl of water
  • Your favourite top coat 

Step one:

 Apply one coat of base coat to all nails followed by three coats of your glitter polish. If you use a peel off base coat, this will make it easier to remove the glitter polish once you want to change your polish. 

If your glitter polish isn’t very opaque or dense, use a sponge to sponge the glitters onto the nail.

Step two:

 Apply one layer of top coat over the glitter polish and let it dry most of the way.  Cut out the decals you want to use and place them in water for 15 seconds, once ready they should slide easily off the backing paper. Place the decal face down on the clear stamper head and remove excess water by tapping the decal with your finger. 

Step three:

Turn over the stamper head and align the decal with where you want it on the nail, once, you’re happy with placement roll the decal onto the nail and off the stamper head. 

Step four:

 Allow the decal to dry for a minute then apply one final coat of top coat to all nails to seal in the decals and make the glitter polish shine! 
 Remember you can get 10% at the born pretty store with my code DVN10 x


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