Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover Review 

 Hey all,

 Today I wanted to throw out a review for you for a product I recently picked up while out shopping. I bought this not only to deal with my stubborn cuticle skin but I also do my mums weekly manicure and she has the most stubborn cuticles going. 


 In store (Sainsburys) I picked this up for £7 for the decently small tube. This is therefore what I would deem a nail care luxury in a way. For those whose cuticles are a nightmare, this is worth the price and as I’ve seen so far a little goes a long way. This product also is reccomended to not be used more than twice a week. I don’t feel this is something even required more than once a week or every two or more weeks though, depending on how your cuticles grow and how stubborn they are. 


 This applies rather easily due to the gel formula , it reminded me of the aloe Vera gel you use for sunburn in its consistency. Therefore this applied easily, was easy to use and easy to wash off after the cuticle had been removed. 

 However I wouldn’t reccomend using the tip as a pusher as reccomended as I feel this could contaminate the product in the bottle with skin and bacteria. I also don’t imagine it would be very effective. I myself used a metal cuticle pusher because again both my mother and I have stubborn cuticles and a rubber pusher doesn’t do much for us. I also like that I can sterilise the pusher for use on both my mum and I over and over again. 


 The smell was pleasant and noticeable but because I liked it this was only a positive to me. The gel definitely does make cuticle removal a breeze as I’ve spent weekly sessions trying to remove my mothers stubborn cuticles to no avail. Then this came along and after letting it sit for 2 minutes her cuticles scraped/pushed off in a breeze. Once washed off the cuticle skin was in visably better condition than before and the nails looked so much nicer with no cuticle skin to be seen and the skin around the nail moisturised. Which was one of the claims on the package.


 I’d buy this again In a heartbeat and the price to me is worth it for the amount of product and how well it performed. I don’t want to go back to cuticle removal without it now! 


2 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover Review 

  1. Excellent review. I have somewhat stubborn cuticles as well, and if left on their own will grow far up on my nails.
    As a fellow nail blogger the battle is constant trying to keep them looking nice and moisturised. There isn’t a Sainsbury’s in town but I know the neighbour-town has one, so will be sure to grab one next time I am there.


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