Barry M Molten Metals Review 

Left to right: Gold digger, Silver lining, Bronze bae.

 Okay so today I’m reviewing three of the Barry M molten metals collection (Copper mine didn’t take my fancy). These are the first metallic polishes I’ve owned and I have to say right from the get go I love them.


Over here each of these polishes costs me around £3.99 from superdrug (they always have 3for2 on though), which to me is a great price and you definitely get more than you pay for.


 The square bottle sits lovely on my rack and the packaging is simple but pretty, for each collection the bottle shape ensures that my Barry M collection looks the same. The glass bottle will obviously break or chip if dropped but otherwise sturdy. I liked the metallic sort of rusty looking coloured tops these bottles had as it fitted the collection well.


 These polishes apply like a dream, they require three thin coats but the lovely rounded flat brush is my favourite brush out of all my collection and I’m so glad they aren’t just specific to the speedy dry collection. The brush and the formula make these a dream to apply. 


 I absolutely love these, I used the gold in my most recent nail art and it was stunning. I was that excited I didn’t even do hand swatches so the stick swatches are available at the top of this post. I wish in a way I had bought copper mine just to have the full set! 

 As always Barry M created another stunning collection! 



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