Greatball nail art 

 Hey all, today’s nail art is a second variation of the Pokeball. This time the greatball. For this you will need:

  •  OPI natural nail base coat 
  • blue polish (sinful colors endless blue) 
  • White polish (China glaze white on white) 
  • Black polish (China glaze liquid leather)
  • Red polish (Barry M dead heat) 
  • Striping tape
  • Quick dry top coat

Step one:

 Apply one coat of base coat to all nails, followed by two coats of the blue polish. Allow this to dry before moving onto step two.

Step two:

Using the brush of the White polish paint the bottom half of the ring nail in white. Don’t worry too much about the neatness of the line as it will be covered up later by the center divide of the ball in black. 

Step three:

 Apply quick dry top coat to all nails and allow to dry for half an hour before moving onto step four. This is to avoid ruining the polish already on the nail with the striping tape.

Step four:

Apply two lines of striping tape a few millimeters apart on the ring nail on either side of the line/divide of blue and white. Paint the center in black and peel off the Striping tape off while it’s still wet. 

Step five:

Use little pieces of striping tape to tape off the red sections of the greatball and fill in with white. Remove the tape and let the White dry for a minute before going over with red. 

Step six: 

Use a dotting tool or clicker on a pen to create the circle of black on the Pokeball. Then apply the crystal/rhinestone to the center. 

Step seven:

 Allow to dry for a minute then apply a generous layer of top coat to finish. 


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