Gudetama in space nail art 

These nails are probably my favourite I’ve done so far, these are my gudetama in space nails! For these you will need:

  • OPI natural nail base coat
  • Black polish (China glaze liquid leather) 
  • Black polish with scattered holo glitter ( sinful colors starry night) 
  • Quick drying top coat
  • Gudetama water decals (Aliexpress)
  • White polish (China glaze white on white) 
  • Toothpick
  • Clear polish 
  • Favourite top coat 

Step one:

 Apply one coat of base coat to all nails followed by one coat of black polish as a base for the black scattered holo. Once the black base is dry apply a coat of black holo polish.

Step two: 

 Apply a quick drying drying top coat and leave for 15 minutes to dry fully, this will provide a smooth surface for the water decals to sit on.

Step three:

 Place each water decal one by one into the water and leave for about 5 seconds, then slide the decal off of the backing and carefully place onto the nail. Using a cotton pad remove excess water to adhere the water decal to the nail. 

Step four:

 Apply one coat of clear polish over the nail to seal the water decal on, move onto the next hand and leave the clear polish to dry for a while. 

Step five:

 Place a blob of white polish on a piece of paper and using a toothpick draw stars on the nail and add dots for smaller stars around the water decals. Do this randomly to prevent looking too uniform. 

Step six:

Apply a generous layer of your favourite top coat to the nail to seal the entire design in and you’re done! 


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