Radioactive Unicorn Review and Pentagram nail art 

Hey all, today’s post is a two in one! You lucky people 😉 

First we can have a quick how to for how I did this mani and then I’ll be doing a lovely little review of one of my radioactive unicorn polishes called Romeros Zombie, which I used in this look. For this look you will need:

  • Base coat (OPI natural nail base coat) 
  • Romeros Zombie from Radioactive unicorn 
  • A quick dry topcoat 
  • Black stamping polish 
  • Moyou Gothic 12 plate 
  • Stamper and scraper 

Step one:

 Apply one coat of base coat followed by two coats of Romeros zombie to all nails. Allow for drying between coats and then apply a thick layer of quick dry top coat. Leave this to dry for about 15 minutes.

Step two:

Using the stamper scraper, black stamping polish and plate, stamp the pentagram image on the third row down to the left when the plate is vertical. Stamp onto the ring nail and remove excess using a cotton bud dipped in acetone or a cleanup brush. 

Step three:

Add a final layer or two of top coat to seal in the design and smooth out the glitter polish. Because we all know glitter munches top coat! 

~~~~~review time!~~~~~

 So, the blue polish used in this mani is the beautiful Romeros Zombie. This is a old school zombie skin blue. This is a glitter polish like a lot of the polishes from radioactive unicorn, and therefore should come with a warning for blinding sparkle. 


This bottle of polish comes from an indie brand and is priced at £6.95 with free shipping, for an indie polish I don’t see this as unreasonable as the ingredients are of the highest quality. The bottle is a good volume too at 10ml so it will last a while for the price. 


 This was a two coater glitter polish and it applied really well, this is the second time I’ve ever applied glitter polish and I didn’t have any major problems. Try not to get it everywhere though as glitter is super hard to clean off the skin and out of the cuticle. 


 This polish is of super high quality as evident by the blinding sparkle and beauty of it. I’ve also noticed that although I’ve had this a while sitting on my rack the mixture didn’t even slightly separate! This was amazing in comparison to the separation in a Barry M glitter I have. 


 It’s amazing, an absolute stunner. Go buy it 😉 


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