Opulent Essences Top Coat Review 

Hey all! Today’s review is for the Opulent essences top coat, this is a glossy quick drying top coat from the uk indie brand Opulent essences available on Etsy ( You can find them here ). 

 This is an updated formula of the original top coat, which creates a glossy finish and has a quick dry formula. 


 This top coat comes in a 10ml clear rectangular bottle with a black Lid. The Application brush is dense, slightly rounded and wide, this allows for flawless application in only a couple strokes, if you have small nails, one stroke will do! I loved the bottle and the brush because it was super easy to apply.


 Opulent essences products are made to be 5 free, cruelty free and vegan friendly, this means that there are fewer harsh chemicals and the products are made and tested for/on humans.  This top coat therefore actually has less of an offensive smell than mainstream polishes, which is always a plus.

 The application goes smoothly as the formula of this isn’t too thick or thin and the top coat sits nicely over the nail. This top coat also didn’t drag my polish which was helpful and was incredibly quick drying, on par with my Sally Hansen Insta dri. The glossy finish of this is incredible, I didn’t expect such a lovely shine from the top coat. This shine lasts too. 


 This top coat is priced at £5 a bottle. To me this is perfectly okay because Not only is this product hand made by the lovely ladies at opulent essences, and the proxy at is incredible but this is actually the normal price point for me for top coat anyway. Instead of giving my money to a big corporation (like we all do, and can’t help) I love the fact I’m supporting the business of the absolutely lovely ladies who run opulent essences. 


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