Pink and Silver negative space nail art 

Hey all, today’s nail art is a bit of reverse stamping, for this you will need: 

  • Base coat
  • Pink polish (Barry m speed demon) 
  • Silver polish (Barry m silver lining) 
  • White stamping polish (born pretty store)
  • Bp-77 stamping plate
  • Stamper and scraper
  • Clear polish 
  • Quick dry top coat 

Step one:

 apply one coat of base coat to all nails. Allow to dry. 

Step two:

Using two stampers and a scraper stamp the geometric design in white from the plate. Remove the head of the stampers and place on a flat surface. Fill in the sections desired with silver and pink polish leaving some sections clear. This will be the negative space. 

Step three:

Once filled in leave to dry, once the colours have dried apply a layer of clear polish over the stamp to create a decal. Leave this to one side to dry.

Step four:

Paint all nails except the ring with three coats of pink polish. Leave time for drying between coats and wait for this to be 100% dry before moving on.

Step five:

Peel up your decal once dry and press onto the nail. Make sure you remove any excess decal and then add a thick layer of top coat to seal it in.

Step six: 

Apply top coat to all other nails and you’re done! 


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