flamingo nail art 

Hey all, well today I’m back with more nail art. This is my very accidentally-barbie nail art. For this you’ll need:

  • Base coat
  • Pink polish (Born Pretty store stamping polish)
  • Green polish (sinful colors – innocent) 
  • White polish (China glaze – White on white) 
  • Nicole diary water decals no. 02 
  • Small bowl of water
  • Moyou Alice plate 
  • Black stamping polish 
  • Stamper and scraper 
  • quick dry top coat 

Step one:

 Apply base coat to all nails followed by two coats of each colour to the allocated nails. Green – little finger, white -ring and middle nail, pink – index and thumb nail.  Allow for drying time between coats. Once all nails are dry move to step two. 

Step two:

 Place the water decal on a wet cotton pad or in a small bowl of water. When ready remove from the bowl and gently align on the nail. Remove any excess decal and leave to set.

Step three:

Stamp the middle nail with black flamingos using the stamping plate, stamper and scraper. Remove any excess and then leave to dry. Repeat for the other hand.

Step four:

Now apply top coat to all nails and you’re done! 


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