Clueless/Yellow Plaid Nail Art

Hey all! Well I have another nail art tutorial for you and it’s for these clueless inspired nails. For these you will need:

  • Base coat (polish me royalty – Gimme some base) 
  • Yellow polish (born pretty store yellow stamping polish)
  • Two stampers and a scraper 
  • BP-L013 stamping plate 
  • Black stamping polish 
  • White polish
  • Clear polish 
  • Top coat 

Step one:

 Using the stamper and scraper, pick up the bottom right corner plaid image onto both stampers in black. Leave to dry for a minute then fill in the downward stripes with white and also the top horizontal stripe. 

Fill in the rest of the decal with the yellow polish and set to one side to dry. 

Step two:

 Apply one coat of base coat to all nails, preferably a slightly tacky one. If your decal is dry apply a coat of clear polish over the decal and leave again to dry. 

Step three:

Apply two coats of yellow polish to all nails but the ring nail neatly, leave time to dry between coats to avoid making a mess. 

Step four:

Once your base colour is dry check to see if the decals are dry. If they are peel them up and carefully place them on the nail. Remove excess from round the nail and then seal all nails with a quick dry top coat. You’re done! 


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