Pastel gradient with stars nail art 

Hey all, today’s nail art is this super cute nail art, see my Instagram for credit to the original of this. For this you need:

  • Base coat (polish me royalty – gimme some base) 
  • Liquid latex
  • Blue polish (China glaze – at vase value)  
  • Pinky nude polish (sinful colors – taupe is chic) 
  • Sponge
  • White stamping polish
  • BP-L013 
  • Stamper and scraper 
  • Top coat 
  • Tweezers

Step one:

Apply one coat of base coat to all nails and allow to dry. Surround each nail with liquid latex and leave until dry again.

Step two:

 Draw to vertical lines next to eachother on the sponge and use this to gently sponge on your vertical gradient. Leave the first layer to dry and repeat as many times as needed. Peel off your liquid latex using tweezers and Leave the gradient to dry completely. 

Step three:

 Once the gradient is dry, using the white stamping polish and stamper and scraper stamp the star image off of the plate onto each and every nail. 

Step four:

 Top coat and you’re done! 


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