Pastel Dotticure Nail Art

Hey all, today’s tutorial is for one of the easiest nail arts I’ve possibly ever done. This is more to list the colours ive done and make it 100% clear exactly how I did this. For these I used:

  • Perfect formulas powder pink gel coat (to cancel out my yellow stained nails) 
  • Large and little dotting tool
  • Models Own – Coconut cream 
  • MUA – pistachio ice cream
  • Make up gallery – Bambino blue
  • Make up gallery – lavender cream
  • Make up gallery – pink sherbet
  • Nails Inc – Kensington caviar 45 second top coat 

(You can use any variations of brand for the colours of course) 

Step one:

Apply one coat of the powder pink gel coat (no cure or lamp needed), this acts as a base and cancels the yellow out of stained nails. 

Step two:

Onto a wipeable or throw away surface like some shiny cardboard, place a large blob of the first colour (lavender), dip the large dotting tool into the polish and place large dots at the tip of the nail and less further up. Then use the small Dotting tool to place the small dots further up more sparsely. There should be more dots at the tip of the nail than the top. 

Step three:

Repeat step two for every single colour, leave some gaps but try and have a more concentrated section of dots at the tip of the nail. 

Step four:

Once dry apply a nice layer of top coat to the nail and allow to dry 100% and you’re done!! 


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