Easy Camo Print Nail Art

Hey all, todays nail art is super easy and requires as fewer tools as possible, for these super cute camo print nails you will need:

  • base coat (polish me royalty – gimme some base)
  • dark green polish (YAB cosmetics – i am worth a gazillion)
  • nude polish (YAB cosmetics – demure)
  • black polish (China glaze – liquid leather)
  • Single nail art brush
  • top coat

Step one:

Apply a base coat to all nails followed by two coats of your dark green polish, allow for drying time between coats and unlike me, remember to cap your edges too. once dry move onto step two.

Step two:

Using the nail art brush and blobs of your nude and black polishes add the blotches of the camo print wherever you like, be creative and random and vary the shapes a little. leave space for some green though.

Step three:

fill in any remaining gaps with the green polish to even out the layer of polish, then add a glossy topcoat to all nails. Then Ta Dah! You’re done!


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