Donut Nail Art – Born Pretty Store

Hey all, todays nail art is a super cute donut mani. This is a prime example of how nail artists and bloggers are human and can mess up! I managed to smear the stamps…But besides that, this is what you need:

  • base coat ( polish me royalty – gimme some base)
  • lilac polish (make up gallery)
  • clear polish
  • black stamping polish (born pretty store)
  • Moyou London tumblr girl 01 stamping plate
  • stamper and scraper set (item no. 26498 buy Here! )
  • Nail art mat (item no. 34818 buy Here!)
  • clear polish
  • pink polish
  • nude polish
  • nail art tools from the mat set

Step one:

Apply clear polish to the two of the clear nail shapes on the nail art mat, allow this to dry fully. Using the stamper, scraper and the black polish stamp the donut design from the stamping plate and place on the dry areas of clear polish. Then stamp two of the donut laughing design onto the large stamper head or use two separate stampers.

Step two:

Using the fine detail brush that comes with the born pretty store matt set, fill in the decals with the nude for the dough and pink for the icing, leave the background blank and leave to one side to dry. Once dry apply a layer of clear coat onto the decals on the stamper and then a second layer onto the decals on the mat. I do this to make the decals thicker so they all peel much easier. Leave these to dry.

Step three:

Remove any polish you already have on, then apply a layer of base coat to all nails. Follow this with two coats of your lilac polish, allowing for drying time between coats.

Step four:

Once 100% dry, use the slanted tweezers to gently peel up the first laughing donut decal. Apply it to the ring nail, and press down to secure it onto the nail. Remove any excess using some acetone or nail polish remover. Repeat this process for other nails.

Step five:

Once all decals are applied, apply a layer of top coat. Make sure you use a top coat that does not smear stamping ( i had ran out of my favourite). And you’re done!



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