Alien Birthday Nail Art


Hey all, today’s nail art is a tutorial for my Alien nails I did for my 19th Birthday this year. For these you will need (loads):

  • Base coat (polish me royalty – gimme some base)
  • black polish (china glaze – liquid leather)
  • black scattered holo polish (sinful colors – starry night)
  • white stamping polish (born pretty store)
  • detail brush
  • black stamping polish (born pretty store)
  • alien green polish (Polish me royalty – sereen)
  • Moyou London Geek 13 stamping plate
  • Moyou London tumblr 01 stamping plate
  • stamper and scraper
  • small dotting tool
  • clear polish (la femme)
  • top coat (sally hansen insta dri)

Step one:

Apply a layer of base coat to all nails followed by one coat of black polish. Once that coat of black polish is dry apply one coat of the black scattered holo polish. Allow this to dry fully while you make the alien decal.

Step two:

Using the black stamping polish, stamper and scraper stamp the alien emoji off of the Moyou London geek 13 plate. Allow it to dry on the stamper head and then fill in with the green polish. Once the green polish has dried apply a layer of clear coat and let the decal dry.

Step three:

Using white stamping polish and the dotting tool add small dots for stars randomly on each nail or forming constellations if you’d like. Then using the detail brush add larger stars.

Step four:

Once the decal has dried pull it up off of the stamper and press firmly onto the nail to secure it in place. Once the decal is in place use the white stamping polish, stamper and scraper to stamp the ‘I don’t believe in Humans’ stamp off of the Moyou London Tumblr 01 stamping plate. Place it straight onto the ring nail.

Step five:

Add any other extra stars and meteors, then add a nice thick layer of glossy topcoat to seal it all in, and you’re done!



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