Creepy Cute Pastel Bats Nail Art


Hey all, this nail art how-to is for these super cute pastel bats I did the other day. For these super cute nails you will need:

  • Base coat (In my case I used perfect formulas Powder pink to hide yellowing)
  • Pastel Blue polish (make up gallery)
  • Pastel pink polish (make up gallery)
  • pastel mint polish (make up gallery
  • pastel purple polish (make up gallery)
  • Nail Mail bat vinyls
  • silicone mat (born pretty store)
  • clear polish (la femme)
  • tweezers
  • top coat (sally hansen insta dri)

Step one:

Apply the Bat Vinyls to the silicone mat and press down firmly to ensure they are secure to the mat. Next apply the pastel polishes to the vinyls, apply polish to the next one and then peel the one before to the mat. This gives the polish a second or two to dry a little so that it doesn’t make a mess when the vinyl is removed.

Step two:

Apply a layer of clear coat over each of the decals separately so that each bat can be removed one at a time. Leave these to the side to dry for a while.

Step three:

Apply a base coat to all nails, this can be either something clear or a tinted base coat. Let this dry fully and then move back to the decals. Pull up a bat and peel it up using a pair f tweezers, decide on placement and flip the bat over so the shiny side is face down. and press onto the nail. Remove any excess using a cleanup brush and some acetone and move onto the next bat until every nail is complete.

Step four:

Once all the decals are in place, make sure they are firmly pressed down and then apply a layer of topcoat to the nail. And you’re done!


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