Pentagram Nail Art- Nail Mail


Hey all, today’s post is a tutorial for my most recent nail art, these are my Pentagram nails using my straight vinyls from . These were super simple and include a nice glossy to matte contrast. For these you will need:

  • Base coat (gimme some base – Polish me royalty)
  • black polish (china glaze – liquid leather)
  • Straight nail vinyls from nail mail (No this is not sponsored)
  • glossy top coat
  • Matte top coat
  • cleanup brush and acetone

Step one:

Apply a base coat to all nails followed by two coats of black polish to all nails not including the ring nail. Allow to dry for around 20 minutes to ensure you wont pull your base coat up with the  vinyls.

Step two:

Once dry apply the straight vinyls to the ring nail in the pattern of a star or pentagram whatever way you look at it. Press  them down firmly onto the nail to secure them down. remember what order you applied them in, unlike me, because this will make them easier to pull up.

Step three:

Apply a thick layer of black  polish onto the ring nail over the vinyl by either applying straight from the brush and bottle or by sponging it on. Once the black polish is applied immediately remove the nail vinyls one at a time from the nail. Try and do this in the correct order to avoid making a mess like I did.

Step four:

If your memory sucks like mine does then you’ve made a bit of a mess. Not to worry, use the cleanup brush and pure acetone to gentle clean up the lines and tidy up the cuticles of your nails. Add a gloss top coat to all nails to seal in the design. Allow this to dry and then bring out the matte top coat. Add a coat of matte top coat to the ring nail and then using the polish brush create a V at the end of your nails or go straight across if you wish. Allow this to dry and then you’re done!



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