Pretty Perfect Polish Top Coat Review


Okay so I’m just gonna start this by saying this topcoat is the bomb… I was not sponsored by Pretty Perfect Polish to do this however I was sent the top coat for an honest review! I tried this topcoat over polish alone and also over stamping. I do a lot of nail art so I needed this to be versatile. This polish sells for £2.50 (at the time of posting) not including postage.

This top coat is advertised as being quick drying and glossy. Which is exactly true, i was amazed at just how shiny and just how quick drying this top coat was, this was on par with, my personal favourite, sally hansen insta dri.

Luckily because this top coat is made by an indie brand you are only getting the best ingredients, you also then get less of a stink and a more effective product. This top coat applied like a dream and didn’t smudge any stamping or drag the polish. The drying time was incredible, it was hardly any time at all before I could continue with daily tasks like packing my uni bag for the next day and tying my hair up etc.

Here is the photo of the swatch I did using this top coat including stamping:


Overall I love how high quality yet amazingly affordable this top coat is, and how incredible the application is. I often find I have problems with destroying my work or smudging stamping with top coats and I didn’t have a single problem with this one. If you wish to purchase it then the link is below, you know you want to:


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