Pretty Perfect Polish Nail Oil Review 

Hey all! Today I have a review for the nail Oil by indie brand Pretty Perfect Polish, this is a UK based indie brand that makes amazing nail polishes and is now venturing into nail care. I had the opportunity to try out the new nail Oil in the Bubblegum scent to tell you guys what I thought of it. 

 I was originally going to do a nail progress post however I feel any evidence of the good that was done for my nails by this Oil was lost when I had to cut my nails short. So instead I’m providing a review. 

 First off, this Oil smells amazing. The one hang up I have about nail Oil is the smell, however this smells lovely and isn’t too strong. The bubblegum scent is incredibly pleasant. This Oil also comes in quite a large brush applicator tube, so you get a good volume of Oil to use. 

Secondly, this hydrated my nails VERY well. By applying between manicures and applying to my cuticles I saved myself a decent bit of dryness. Each time I used it my nails looked and felt hydrated and much improved. 

Last of all, I’m now using this Oil to help grow out my short nails into long healthy ones. So any growth progress is due to this Oil! 

Overall, this Oil is fantastic and comes in a great range of scents to suit your fancy. Pretty perfect polish is always amazingly priced and good value for money. I personally love it 🙂 


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