Ouija CULT Nail Art

  Hey all, todays tutorial/walkthough is for whats turned out to be my favourite mani I have ever done! So to do this you’ll need:

  • Base coat (polish me royalty – gimme some base) 
  • Black polish (essence – black) 
  • White stamping polish (born pretty store) 
  • Moyou London typography 10 plate 
  • Stamper and scraper 
  • Lint roller or tape 
  • Top coat 

Step one: 

 Apply base coat to all nails followed by one to two coats of black polish. Allow to dry fully.

Step two:

 Using the white polish, stamper and scraper stamp the sun from the top left corner of the plate and it’s rays onto the pointer finger. Stamp the moon from the right hand side onto the pinky nail. Do any cleanup and move onto step three.

Step three:

 Stamp the C from the alphabet section and use the lint roller or tape to remove any extra pattern from the stamper. Quickly stamp the C in the upper left corner of the middle finger nail. 

Step four:

 Repeat step three for the entire word CULT onto the top right, then bottom left then bottom right as in the photos. 

Step five:

Stamp the ouija eye on the ring nail and finally some moths on the thumb nail. Add topcoat and you’re done! 



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