Glossybox November 2016

Hey all! I know this isn’t nail art related but I confess, I love beauty too. So I signed up to glossybox… I received my first box today and I’ll show you what I received in my box and what I thought of it! So here goes…

First up let me say that I was so happy with this box this month, this is my first Gossybox ever and Holy Crap, the sneak peaks were good but the reality of what I received overall was amazing. This boxes focus is on pampering and prepping for the party season so the items inside reflect that theme!

When I first opened up my box and undid that beautiful tissue paper, this is what I saw:


Even from a first glance I was thrilled already with what my £13.25 subscription box had brought to me.

First item: Kiss Looks so Natural False eyelashes in ‘Vamp’. RRP: £4.95


I have to say I was over the moon to receive falsies in my box, I did see that other people in place of falsies received ‘Deep sleep Pillow spray’. To me I wouldn’t have been as impressed as I don’t think id use the pillow spray. This might be due to my glossybox preferences or just due to luck! I can’t wait to put these on my face and see how well they do.



Second Item: Ruby Professional Large Tapered Blending Brush. RRP: €8 or £7.03


So this brush is from a brand I haven’t seen before however I do have to say its ultra fluffy to the touch and i can see this being a fantastic brush for blending out the crease on eyeshadow or even applying highlighter to the cheek bone, brow bone and nose. I am all for multi use brushes and this is something I was definitely excited to get my hands on from the sneak peak.

Third Item: Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Raspberry Rain Disposable Razors. RRP: £5.69

20161109_162824022_iosOkay this item might not have impressed some people but I can 100% see why this item was in the box. In pampering and prepping for a party every girl (well most) will spend their time having a pampered bath or shower to get ready. This always for me at least includes having a shave to make those legs glossy and underarms smooth. I have used and loved the original wilkinson sword quattro razors and there is something about having raspberry scented handles that just really makes me happy. I am a cheapskate, I can admit this, so these really are a bit of a luxury to me. I am super excited to throw out my old nasty razor in favour of these lovely new ones.


Fourth item: De Bruyere Beaute Jumbo Eye Pencil in ‘Bubble. 07’. RRP: €15 or £13.18


This eye pencil is something that was also featured within this months sneak peak, I am so excited to try out a new makeup item. Khaki is a very ‘In’ colour for this season and what better to help you get ready for party season than a beautiful khaki eyeshadow. When swatching this on my hand I could not believe how smooth this was to use and how pigmented and beautiful it looked on the skin. This will definitely be part of my next eyelook. I also felt this made a good combo with the Ruby Professional blending brush to give any beginner or even experienced makeup lover some of the tools to really slay their eye makeup.

Fifth Item: 111Skin Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask. RRP: £20 (yes I checked, one mask is £20)


This mask has some massive claims and a hefty price tag to boot. This is what appears to be the ultimate treat for your skin to increase moisture and rejuvenate and repair skin damage. I have to say I am impressed this is even in the box being so expensive and upon more research being limited edition for this christmas period. I cant wait to see how much good this actually does for my skin, if I can even bring myself to use it…. Well done glossybox, I’m impressed!



Overall value: £50.85

Overall thoughts? I’m really impressed, I will actually use every single thing in this box and everything is useful. Its pretty sad but I’m actually super happy with the Wilkinson sword Quattro razors as I haven’t tried the scented handles yet and they are something I tend to cheap out on. In amongst the useful we had some fantastic treats and they even included a cute little Rafaello Chocolate too.



2 thoughts on “Glossybox November 2016

    1. Thanks! I was super happy with mine, mainly because the less exciting things like razors were things I needed but didn’t want to spend any volume of money on! x

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