YAB Cosmetics Christmas Collection

Hey all, this post is the swatches and review of the UK indie brand ‘YAB Cosmetics’ christmas collection. This collection consists of four polishes, a dark burgundy red called ‘Kissmas’, a dark purple named ‘magical’, a gorgeous brown titled ‘Pudding’ and finally a gold titled ‘Goal Digger’. I have to say that this collection amazed me and I can already say I have a favourite… On with the swatches!

First up we have ‘Pudding’, a gorgeous deep brown with some gold shimmer running through it. This is by far my favourite polish of the collection I have to admit. This was almost a one coater but i did two just to deepen the colour. This colour is the perfect brown.


Next up we have ‘Goal Digger’ a gold fine glitter polish with gold flakies which give this polish a really beautiful sort of metallic sparkly effect. This reminded me a lot of Barry M Gold digger but much easier to apply and a lot less smell. This was two coats and I found that the flakies actually lay flat to give this amazing shimmery effect. If you’re clumsy like me you’ll get glitter everywhere!


This dark purple beauty is ‘Magical’, this deep purple is perfect for the winter time and truly does look magical. I applied two coats, my ring nail is done using ‘Goal Digger’ and ‘Magical’ with only one layer of sponging over natural nail.


Last, but not least, we have ‘Kissmas’ a beautiful burgundy red. Because who doesn’t need a red at chrismas? This was two coats and the candy cane was filled in to match! I almost got away with one coat but for the depth of colour I like I applied two.


And now for the mini review of this collection. Each of these four polished had an incredible formula which required no more than two coats for each, due to coming from an indie brand that is 5 free, vegan friendly and cruelty free you know you’re getting a good honest product that wont smell half as bad as the big brands. I couldn’t recommend this collection enough if you have the spare money and fancy something beautiful for this winter. These are already listed at £7.00 each and to be honest I feel this is in line perfectly with the cost from a lot of other indie brands.

You can get these here at http://yabcosmetics.com/shop/


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