Glossybox December 2016

Hey all, I know its been a bit bare for blog posts this month but I have been super busy with University and life! So, this months Glossybox landed on my doorstep this afternoon. Straight off the bat I can tell you I’m not as thrilled with this months box as last month…so lets get into it.


So this month I was greeted with this lovely sight when I opened the box, this month was more focused on the makeup side of beauty. So my thoughts…

First Item: Lipcote lipstick sealant. RRP: £3.99


Okay so this is the first and for me the worst. I understand completely the uses of this product (I have a bottle in my makeup bag) but I personally don’t enjoy this product even one bit. It does its job but stings upon application and generally isn’t something I use. Id rather pay extra for a better liquid lipstick or wear a gloss than apply this to my mouth. I save this for those colours I love but aren’t made by my favourite liquid lip brands. I’m sorry glossybox but this is going to a friend…



Second Item: MDMFLOW semi-matte lipstick in ‘Vamp’. RRP: £18


I don’t know where to start with this one… When I made my colour selection in November I was super excited for this lipstick. The swatches on the Glossybox girls looked lovely. I tried this item today, I wont even include a swatch… I exfoliated my lips first, then used lip balm, then applied lipstick. This sticks to every bump, scar or ridge. Id definitely recommend using a pencil first. I have no idea how this is work £18 as I probably wont buy lipstick from this brand in the future. My holy grail liquid lip is only £16 with free postage. If you can make it work  its a lovely colour.


Third Item: Essence Light up your face luminizer palette. RRP: £3


This item was better than the other two. The middle shade is a beautiful highlight, not too glittery but not too boring either. However this item really isn’t that pale princess friendly, the other highlight shade is too dark for my skin and the bronze shade is okay. Not massively impressed as this doesn’t even compare to my favourite highlighters from make up obsession.

Fourth Item: Collection Define and perfect Eyebrow powder. RRP: £4.19

20161207_154913268_ios This was a relatively okay product. I do enjoy collection products and I definitely think they are a good affordable option. This product wasn’t hard to use or anything like that. the colour wasn’t too dark for my hair and I didn’t make a mess making it work. However, I am too in love with my collection brow kit that this isn’t hitting the mark for me. on more natural makeup days I will definitely be turning to this.

Fifth Item: Revlon Nail Enamel in ‘Valentine’. RRP: £6.49

20161207_154925911_ios  Now, nail varnish. Something I know well and have a lot of. This colour is meant to match and complement the lipstick I chose this month. I have to say it does match well however  haven’t yet braved painting it on my nails. I did apply this to a swatch stick and I’m definitely wondering how many coats this will take to become opaque… this seems a very thin formula and the brush is small too. This item really doesn’t thrill me to be honest, it just cant compete with my favourite crimson or burgundy red polishes. I am too much in love with my essence polishes and also my favourite indies. Maybe if this had been a burgundy fine glitter polish id have liked it more but to me this just isn’t that interesting.



Overall value: £35.67

Overall thoughts? one word. Meh. Nothing here thrilled me, nothing here made me go wow. Maybe if you’re not massively into makeup and nails you’d be more impressed but for me this was just meh. Last months box really did it for me and I loved the combination of affordable and high end items. To me this was just meh. I hope this is a fluke because I don’t want to waste my money on a box of things I wont enjoy.


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