Christmas Bell Nail Art 

Hey all! Another nail art post, this time for a super simple but cute Christmas mani!  You will need:

  • Base coat
  • Red polish (YAB – kissmas) 
  • Gold polish (YAB – Goal Digger)
  • Dotting tool or brush 
  • Black stamping polish
  • Stamper And scraper 
  • BPX-L008 stamping plate 
  • Top coat
  • Nude polish (optional) 

Step one:

 Stamp the bell design using your black stamping polish, stamper and scraper. Use a dotting tool or nail art brush to fill in the bell using the red and gold polish. Leave to one side to dry 

Step two:

Apply base coat to all nails and allow to dry. 

Optional – add a layer of nude to the ring nail to even nail colour or hide staining 

Step three:

 Apply two coats of the red polish to all nails and allow to dry. No gloopy messes please! 😉 

Step four:

Gently roll your decal straight onto the nail in the centre of the ring nail. Press down well to secure.

Step five:

Topcoat all nails generously and you’re done! 


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