Christmas Wise Monkeys Nail Art 

Hey all! Last nail art of my long acrylics unfortunately as my nail chemistry just hates them. For these you’ll neeeed:

  • Base coat
  • Peach polish (I don’t reccomend this OPI one)
  • Born pretty Store Brown stamping polish (item no. 27284 buy Here!)
  • stamper and scraper set
  • Moyou london geek 13 stamping plate
  • nail art mat
  • taupe or light brown polish
  • red polish
  • white polish
  • dotting tool
  • nail art brush
  • clear polish
  • top coat

Step one:

Apply one coat of clear polish to six different areas of your nail art mat. Alternatively you can use six stamper heads like I did, if so you don’t need the clear polish, for each image simply pick up a different stamper head and move onto step two.

Using the brown stamping polish, stamper and scraper and also the stamping plate stamp the  first monkey design and stamp onto a patch of clear polish on your nail art mat. Repeat this step twice for each image so you have a set of monkeys for each hand.

Step two:

Fill in each monkey with the taupe or light brown polish carefully using the dotting tool. once filled in leave your nail art mat to one side (or stampers) to dry.

Step three:

Apply one coat of base coat to all nails followed by two coats of light peach polish, allow to dry between coats to avoid a gunky mess. Once your last coat is dry your monkeys should be too. Peel your desired monkeys off the nail art mat, flip over and apply onto the nail. If you are using a lot of stampers like me just gently roll the image onto the nail in the desired position. Gently press down your image to secure it to your nail.

Step four:

Place a drop of red paint down on some card or a nail art mat and use the nail art or paint brush to draw on the cute Christmas hats onto each monkey, we will add the bobble and fluffy trim in a minute. Once you’re happy with the hats move onto step five.

Step five:

Next use the white polish and dotting tool to dot on the fluffy trim and bobble to each hat. Allow to dry for a minute then topcoat. Annnnd you’re done!


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