Snowman Christmas Nail Art



Hey all, Todays nail art is one I did recently for my instagram. There is a video tutorial already up if you’d rather watch instead of read! For this nail art you will need:

  • Base coat – Polish me royalty gimme some base
  • black polish – essence the gel black
  • black holo or flakie polish – sinful colors starry night
  • white polish – essence the gel white
  • orange polish – polish me royalty orange soda
  • brown polish – makeup gallery at poundland
  • sponge
  • dotting tool
  • black stamping polish
  • stamper and scraper
  • BPX-L008 stamping plate (buy here!)

Step one:

Stamp the snowman design off of the stamping plate using your stamper and scraper set and the black stamping polish. Once you have done this twice on two different stampers (so you have two images), use the orange, brown and white to fill in each lil snowman and set them to one side to dry.

Step two:

Apply a layer of base coat to all nails and allow to try. Follow with one coat of the black polish to all nails followed by one coat of the black scattered holo polish. Allow these layers to dry fully before moving onto step three.

Step Three:

Using a cut off piece of sponge and in my case some tweezers, sponge on a snow drift onto each nail. This should go higher up the nail on one side than the other. Once you’re happy with the snow drifts grab the dotting tool and add lil bits of snow to each nail. Allow these to try.

Step four:

Position the stamper with the snowman on over your nail in the desired position, press down the stamper to place the decal onto the nail. Roll the stamper head gently side to side to ensure its secured properly.

Step Five:

Add a generous layer of topcoat to all nails and you’re done!


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