How To Fix Broken/Split Nails

Well today i’m going to teach you a method of saving your beloved nails after a split or break. This technique is well used within the nail art community but newbies or even people just dipping their toes into the nail world might not come across this method. So here we go.  This method is done using:

  • a tea bag
  • scissors
  • tweezers
  • nail glue
  • nail file
  • nail polish (gel or normal)

Of course you can buy a silk wrap repair kit but when you’re in a panic with a broken nail not everyone has these to hand, however tea bags are pretty much a household item (at least here in England).

Step one:

Chop off a piece of teabag, preferably the nice middle part which holds the leaves. Cut a couple pieces small enough to cover the break and a bit extra, not too large though. Leave them to one side but in easy reach.

Step two:

Apply a small blob of nail glue to the split or break and spread it along the top of the fracture. Place one of your tea bag pieces on top and saturate gently with glue. Using the tweezers press down on the material until secured in place.

Step three:

Apply a little more glue and secure a second piece in place. Allow this to try completely before moving onto step four.

Step four:

Using the nail file or nail buffer block flatten out and blend in the edges of the patch we just made so that it is less obvious on the nail. Allow for some thickness though as that is what is reinforcing the patch.

Step five:

Once you are happy with the patch apply your polish as normal and carry on with your day!


Use a gel polish system instead over the patch to ensure that the nail is solidly protected for around 2 weeks. This allows the break to start to grow out. Once the gel is removed if you do it gently you can replace the patch. You can paint over gel manicures as long as you use non-acetone remover to change polish.



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