Alice in Wonderland Beginner nails

Hey guys! Well I’m finally back! I took a long break from nail art to focus on other things and get some motivation back. These nails were super simple and can be completed with relative ease! 

You will need:

  • A base coat (OPI nail envy)
  • A baby blue polish (essence the gel shade 63 – itsy bitsy blue bikini) 
  • Alice in wonderland decals (Find here ok born pretty store
  • Tweezers and scissors 
  • Dish of water 
  • Cotton pad 
  • Fast dry topcoat, any that doesn’t smudge designs. 

Step one:

 Apply one coat of base coat to protect the nail, follow this with two coats of blue polish. Allow to dry completely before moving onto step two.

Step two:

 Decide what decals you want for each nail, if you’ve allowed your nails sufficient time to dry then you can choose as you go along as I did.  Cut out each decal separately and lay them out in front of you. Peel off the plastic front from each one before attempting to use.

Step three:

 Place your first decal, in my case the pocket watch into the water, leave it there for about 10 seconds then fish it out using the tweezers. Slide the decal off of the backing paper and place it onto the nail right side up. To secure it, gently dab the decal with the cotton pad to remove excess moisture. 

 Step four:

 Repeat step three for all nails! 

Step five:

 Topcoat all nails and remember to cap the ends to secure the design in properly. And you’re done!! 


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