Essence Out of Space Stories Polish Review

Hey guys, today I’m going to be reviewing four polishes from the Essence Out of Space collection, this is a collection of colour shifting polishes. This is a collection of seven shades however I only bought four as the other three colours really didn’t speak to me and I did buy these myself. These retail for £2 each, I bought mine from the Essence stand in Wilkos.

Outta Space is the place:

This is a very pale baby pink polish which reflects a beautiful minty shimmer. This is two coats with no topcoat. Id day this is one of my favourites but I have to admit I love them all… This applied really easily and didn’t take too long to dry for each coat.

Across the Universe:


This shade is a beautiful purple grey chrome effect which shifts a lilac/pink. This swatch is two coats again, with no topcoat.  I love the chromed effect you get without the emphasising of flaws and ridges in the nails. The first coat goes on quite sheet but once the second is applied it is flawless. Again this dried in good time.

Intergalactic Adventure:


This polish is a dark blue base with a blueish purple shift, this has one of the stronger shifts despite it hiding away on the swatch. This is two coats with no topcoat. Again this applied with no problems and I did find this dried a little quicker so you don’t have as much time to finesse the application without messing it up.

We will spock you!:


If I had to choose a favourite out of this collection, this would be it. This is a silver fine glitter polish which is indeed lightly holo. we don’t get many strong holo polishes over here anyway but I love the subtlety of the holo in this polish (although it doesn’t show on camera). This was three coats with no topcoat but this is because the formula is more sheer. Dry time for this shade is not bad at all and the layers aren’t thick so three coats is not a problem for me.



Essence is one of my favourite brands for polishes anyway aside from indie brands. I never fail to find something awesome for a good price and I’ve found I have access to any colour I need for an affordable price. This collection is beautiful and there are shades for everyone here, I just skipped the three that either weren’t for me or duplicated something I already own. I can’t wait to see what collections essence comes out with in the future.


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